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Basic Aspects of Roof Construction

Domestic roof construction is the roof covering and framing that is usually located on all detached domestic houses in mild and cold climates. These roofs are usually constructed with various shapes, take on a variety of textures, and also are typically covered with various roofing materials. Domestic roof construction may consist of a single or multi-story roof, depending upon the climatic conditions of the location. This roof construction type comes in a wide range of styles and materials, which are selected based upon cost, suitability, aesthetics, and also how long the roof will be utilized. Domestic roof construction types are typically categorized according to types of roofing materials used, roofing techniques used, and roof design characteristics.


Trussed roof construction involves the use of trusses to connect beams. Most often, these are used to join the first layer of the roof structure to the next or to connect different roof structures. It is also commonly used as the basis for multi-level roof construction. Trussed roof construction types are commonly used to cover homes, office buildings, government buildings, and barns. They are particularly suitable for colder climate areas because the trusses are less likely to expand or contract during extreme weather conditions.

Factory-made trusses are made by taking thinner pieces of wood that are cut into the proper sizes. The wood pieces are placed in a machine to make them into precise shapes. The cut pieces are then joined together by cutting machine bolts and nuts, which are specially coated for strength and durability. Most factories made trusses are rectangular, but there are some which can also be customized to fit a particular roof construction type. Some manufacturers can cut the wood into various shapes and sizes that will go well with a given roof construction type.

Technique and Procedure

The basic roof construction technique used by factory-made trusses is similar to that of constructing a wood beam. First, the roof panels are constructed from wood beams whose lengths are based on the width of the roof space. The length of the beams should be at least two to four times the roof width to compensate for shrinkage during manufacturing. After the beams are ready, they are fastened together using wooden lath or by applying felt paper to seal them.

roof construction

Next, the roof construction procedure is changed to that of attaching the ridge cap shingles. In roof construction, the term ‘ridge’ is used to describe a flat area on the upper portion of the roof construction. A ridge cap shingle is installed to serve as continuous rigid support to the roof ridge. Usually, factory-made trusses are fastened to the ridge cap shingles with stainless steel screws.

Another important roof construction technique is to build the wall profile that will serve as horizontal support to the roof framing. Building the wall parallel to the roof plane is known as ‘parallel wall construction’. However, this technique requires the use of jacks or bladders to raise the wall above ground level. Another technique is ‘long wall construction’, which is done by building the wall diagonally to the rear of the roof and then lifting it upwards towards the front.

The trusses are also widely used in roof construction. Earlier, the trusses are fixed into place with steel I-beams. However, nowadays, various truss designs including cantilever trusses, corner trusses and flat trusses are used to provide additional strength to the roof structures.

The roof deck is the part of the roof that extends away from the structure to connect the roof structure to exterior walls. The roof deck serves as the main access point for maintenance and cleaning of the roof. The installation of the roof deck is a crucial part of the roof construction because the wrong choice of the roof deck can result in water accumulation behind the house and also reduce the life span of the roof. Furthermore, the right selection of the roof deck also determines the structural integrity of the entire roof structure.…

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