The Different Types of Carport Kits and Garages You Must Know About

carport kits

Carport kits are portable garages that provide a fully functional carport-like enclosure to your car. It also comes in handy when you need your car secured from excessive hooliganism or physical damage. You can install carport kits cheap if you shop around.

Carports have been around for decades and have been made available commercially by carport manufacturers since the 1950s. Carports come in two basic styles: open-air carports and enclosed carport garages. Both types of carport offer similar conveniences such as shelter from the sun, added protection from the elements, and added structures for car storage. However, carport garages are more modernized and are now becoming the choice of carport owners who desire convenience and durability.


Open-air carport enclosures are popular due to their flexibility. As mentioned, they can be used as a portable shelter whether you want to carpool or sleep in it on weekends. It offers an instant shelter when you need one, and you can simply roll it up and bring it inside any place where there’s an available canopy. You can also purchase a fully-assembled canopy for a low price but the downside is its lack of security and overall portability. Carports with tents are more expensive due to the additional cost of canopy fabric.

When it comes to carport materials, carport kits are cheaper compared to other kinds of carport garages. The carport roof and walls kits are the most affordable carport type because carport kits are made from carport shingles that are already pre-cut and pre-sealed together. They come in different colours and sizes so you can choose one that will best fit your car and the size of your garage. Furthermore, carport kits are easy to assemble because everything is already packaged and ready to go. You don’t have to worry about the process because it is designed to be easy-to-install.


If you want to have a carport but you only have enough budget for a two-car garage, there is still another option that you can consider. This option is a four walls garage. Compared to carports, four walls carports have four sides that are parallel to each other. This makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your car.

carport kits

However, carports and garage kits differ when it comes to accessibility and portability. A carport’s height is limited while carports and garage kits have high ceilings which can accommodate bigger vehicles. There are also carport kits and garage kits that are lightweight. Portable garages are probably the best kits that are made from durable materials. These types are the best choice if you will be storing bigger and heavier items. Portable carport kits are also great if you want a garage that you can move around and put away whenever you need to use it.

In choosing between the carport and portable garages, you have to make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth. Cheap carport kits are usually made from cheap materials, making it prone to damages and cracks. Most portable garage kits are lightweight and have durable metal frames making it the best choice if you are looking for affordable carport kits. However, be sure that the frame used in these carport kits are of high quality since it will help you save more money in the future.

Portable carports and garages are the best options if you don’t want to spend too much for carports or garages. It is the best way to get protection for your car. However, you must always make sure that it will provide the amount of protection you need. Always remember that carport and garage kits are not the same. A carport only has a metal frame, while a garage has multiple levels, gates, doors and windows. Choose the carport or garage according to the size and type of car that you have so you won’t have to pay for something that doesn’t fit in your carport.